Oaks Point Standings (04/11/16)

The Road to the Kentucky Oaks.

Like the Kentucky Derby, horses each year compete for the right to run in the Longines Kentucky Oaks.

However the Road to the Kentucky Oaks is a 30-race series, compared to a 35-race series for the Kentucky Derby. The series awards points to the Top 4 finishers in each race. The Top 14 point earners (the top 20 go to the Kentucky Derby) will earn a spot in the starting gate for the Longines Kentucky Oaks on Friday, May 6, 2016.

Here are the Top 10 horses in the point standings.

Click to review the full Road to the Oaks point standings.

Rank Horse Points Trainer Stakes Earnings
1 Songbird 190 Jerry Hollendorfer $1,940,000
2 Terra Promessa 150 Steve Asmussen $360,000
3 Lewis Bay 130 Chad Brown $399,600
4 Land Over Sea 128 Doug O'Neill $420,000
5 Weep No More 100 Rusty Arnold II $340,000
6 Polar River 90 Doug Watson $151,900
7 Cathryn Sophia 80 John Servis $700,000
8 Mo d'Amour 70 Todd Pletcher $355,520
9 Venus Valentine 50 Tom Amoss $188,000
10 MoKat 50 Richard Baltas $132,275


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