About The Pace Figures

Who is Predicteform?

Legendary professional horse player Cary Fotias developed a unique perspective on a horse’s ability during a period of 10 years, analyzing well over 100,000 races. What made his perspective unusual was he believed a horse’s future success was not based purely on speed (and correlating time of race), rather how the horse has used its energy and whether the horse was likely to improve or regress moving forward. While his advanced mathematical algorithms that were utilized and displayed on his site, Equiform.com, for the last 15 years were cutting edge, his final figures were manually created and not available on a frequent or consistent basis… until now.

Over the six months from August of 2013 to the launch of Predicteform.com in early 2014, the technology team from PredictionMachine.com has automated this previously manual process, while also fine tuning the algorithm and math for the website that is now called Predicteform.com.

What is Predicteform?

Predicteform.com Pace Figures will tell you if a horse is likely to get better or worse in its next start. The Predicteform.com Pace Figures are not just a single final speed number but rather a series of numbers (final time, four furlong, six furlong and two furlong) that are incredibly powerful in identifying the Form Cycle Patterns of a horse. It is the relationship between these numbers that creates clear patterns to provide an advantage in predicting what your horse will do in its next race. 

The Predicteform.com engine produces its proprietary Pace Figures which are a set of numbers at key points in a horse’s race – including the important relationship between Pace Figures at four furlongs and the finish.While Pace Figures are very important, it is the easily-digestible Form Cycle Patterns where a newcomers eyes should focus.

How do I get Started?

Visit the Learn tab on the navigation bar where you’ll find the Predicteform Legend and Pattern Guide. These two tools combined will give you the knowledge you need to use Predicteform. We suggest you have them handy as you begin your exploration of the Pace Figures.
  • The Legend helps to explain how best to read the Pace Figures. It clearly defines what every line, symbol and figure means.
  • The Pattern Guide highlights Pace Figure Patterns, a series of 12 symbols/abbreviations, each with its own definition. These patterns are the easiest and most effective way to evaluate what we can expect from a horse’s future performance and expected form cycle.
  • Blinker's Off - We published Cary Fotias' unabridged book on Form Cycle Analysis, available by chapter in its entirety.

Where do I go if I have any questions?

Predicteform is a web-based technology company making Pace Figures available for all racetracks. Easily accessible from any computer, your iPad or mobile device, Predicteform.com services both the traditional “paper-based” player as well as the technology based customer.

For more information or for direct questions or feedback, please visit customer support.

Thank you.

--The Predicteform Team